Harry Calhoun: poet and writer

In Celebration of the late Harry Calhoun

Beloved poet Harry Calhoun passed away in his home in Raleigh on October 31, 2015. His heart simply stopped. ...
When asked what he wanted to be remembered for Harry Calhoun always said simply, "I loved Trina Allen."
From his poem "Waiting for Me to Stop Crying":
You hear my tears spilling down on your comforter
and you toss once and smile. You know you will
wait a long time before I stop crying
and longer before I stop loving you.
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From his dear friend and fellow writer Mark Howell:
I thought of Harry on the very day that he passed.
Even thought of calling you both. Ah too late.
What a shock for us all. He has moved on to the next place,
arrayed in celestial light, the place we leave when we're born.
At 62. But what a life. What a poet! What as friend to the animals!
What a friend indeed. I will remember and honor him forever.
Dearest Harry. Now it is you that we care for, Trina.
We will talk and we will remember.
Take care, dear heart.
We light a candle for him today.
Blessings always.
–– Mark and Jan

From his friend and writer Alice Osborn:
Harry and I hosted several poetry readings/open mics at Unwine'd in Cary and he was so funny and full of love for Trina Allen. I first met him in 2009 at PoetrySpark in Raleigh after he read one of my favorites, "Johannesburg." I'll miss you big-time, Harry.

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Selected Books ... order now! Find a complete listing on the Books page

Failure is Unimportant

Failure is Unimportant from Flutter Press

In Failure is Unimportant, Harry Calhoun once again writes about courage and failure, life and death and the layers of what seem on the surface to be mundane daily occurrences. Reviewers have compared his work to that of Billy Collins and Raymond Carver, and reviewer Phebe Davidson has described his poetry as “deft and adroit, conversational and profound.”

"Harry Calhoun’s two chapbooks published in 2012 invite readers to re-enter poetry with open ears and eyes, to rediscover the freshness a good poem can deliver ... Clearly, this is the voice of someone who loves both his wife and his craft as a poet. As “The Bookmark” makes clear, these loves are made wonderful, at least in part, by their attainability, by their sheer, accessible presence in his life." -- Phebe Davidson, reviewer for Wild Goose Poetry Review. To read the entire review Click here.

How Love Conquers the World

How Love Conquers the World from Flutter Press

"Calhoun’s greatest strength in these poems lies in the unaffected clarity with which he shares the lucky burden of loving." -- Phebe Davidson, reviewer for Wild Goose Poetry Review

"The poems in Harry Calhoun's How Love Conquers the World are sturdy testaments to the power of love — and poetry — to save existence from chaos, depression, meaninglessness, and boredom. They are as sweet as first love and as warm and tender as post-coital sleep." -- Howie Good, author of The Death of Me

Get a sneak preview. Read the title poem in Harry's new book Maintenance and Death Online at Orange Room Review.

It’s here! The second edition of Maintenance and Death is now available from Pig in a Poke Press. E-mail Harry Calhoun for information on pricing and ordering. The first edition of the chapbook from Pig Ear Press is now sold out, but the second edition is beautifully printed and priced to sell, containing all the poems from the original edition and with a new foreword by Pete Lally, the first edition's publisher.

Maintenance and Death

Harry did buy a few copies of the first edition run that he may be willing to part with to special fans. E-mail Harry if you are interested.

E-mail Harry for details on getting a signed copy. Hurry -- they're going fast!

"Maintenance and Death ... brings the same unaffected clarity (as How Love Conquers the World) to somewhat more somber aspects of life–the indignities of passing time, the inevitable loss of much that is loved. The poems, perhaps because they are freighted with such inevitability, amplify Calhoun’s considerable skill with image and metaphor, his acute awareness of need, desire, and the heart’s determination."-- Phebe Davidson, reviewer for Wild Goose Poetry Review

"I think what I appreciate most, and what draws me to your poetry, is the way you seamlessly write about the layers of what on the surface appears like mundane daily occurrences. Truly enjoying Maintenance and Death." -- Julie Taylor


Retro from Propaganda Press

Harking back to the retro days of yore, these are poems from Harry's younger days that he is still at peace with. Written in the 1980s and 90s, these poems are representative of some of Harry's best work that stand the test of time. They’re gathered in a collection for the first time, giving you a peek into Harry's sordid past. The Propaganda Press site calls them “Emotional, gripping, cerebral, thought-provoking, emptying, humorous, important.” Harry calls them “definitely worth six bucks.”

Harry Calhoun

See Harry live

Harry Calhoun (Raleigh, NC) reads new and old favorites at UnVined in Cary, North Carolina on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. Click links to watch:
UnVined 1 UnVined 2 UnVined 3