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Failure is Unimportant

Failure is Unimportant from Flutter Press

In Failure is Unimportant, Harry Calhoun once again writes about courage and failure, life and death and the layers of what seem on the surface to be mundane daily occurrences. Reviewers have compared his work to that of Billy Collins and Raymond Carver, and reviewer Phebe Davidson has described his poetry as “deft and adroit, conversational and profound.”

"Harry Calhoun’s two chapbooks published in 2012 invite readers to re-enter poetry with open ears and eyes, to rediscover the freshness a good poem can deliver ... Clearly, this is the voice of someone who loves both his wife and his craft as a poet. As “The Bookmark” makes clear, these loves are made wonderful, at least in part, by their attainability, by their sheer, accessible presence in his life." -- Phebe Davidson, reviewer for Wild Goose Poetry Review. To read the entire review Click here.

How Love Conquers the WorldHow Love Conquers the World from Flutter Press

"Calhoun’s greatest strength in these poems lies in the unaffected clarity with which he shares the lucky burden of loving." -- Phebe Davidson, reviewer for Wild Goose Poetry Review

"The poems in Harry Calhoun's How Love Conquers the World are sturdy testaments to the power of love — and poetry — to save existence from chaos, depression, meaninglessness, and boredom. They are as sweet as first love and as warm and tender as post-coital sleep." -- Howie Good, author of The Death of Me

Get a sneak preview. Read the title poem in Harry's new book Maintenance and Death Online at Orange Room Review.

It’s here! The second edition of Maintenance and Death is now available from Pig in a Poke Press. E-mail Harry Calhoun for information on pricing and ordering. The first edition of the chapbook from Pig Ear Press is now sold out, but the second edition is beautifully printed and priced to sell, containing all the poems from the original edition and with a new foreword by Pete Lally, the first edition's publisher.

Maintenance and Death

Harry did buy a few copies of the first edition run that he may be willing to part with to special fans. E-mail Harry if you are interested.

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"Maintenance and Death ... brings the same unaffected clarity (as How Love Conquers the World) to somewhat more somber aspects of life–the indignities of passing time, the inevitable loss of much that is loved. The poems, perhaps because they are freighted with such inevitability, amplify Calhoun’s considerable skill with image and metaphor, his acute awareness of need, desire, and the heart’s determination."-- Phebe Davidson, reviewer for Wild Goose Poetry Review

"I think what I appreciate most, and what draws me to your poetry, is the way you seamlessly write about the layers of what on the surface appears like mundane daily occurrences. Truly enjoying Maintenance and Death." -- Julie Taylor


Retro from Propaganda Press

Harking back to the retro days of yore, these are poems from Harry's younger days that he is still at peace with. Written in the 1980s and 90s, these poems are representative of some of Harry's best work that stand the test of time. They’re gathered in a collection for the first time, giving you a peek into Harry's sordid past. The Propaganda Press site calls them “Emotional, gripping, cerebral, thought-provoking, emptying, humorous, important.” Harry calls them “definitely worth six bucks.”

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The Insomnia Poems

The Insomnia Poems from Flutter Press, which also published Something Real. The chapbook sells for $6.00, features a cover by artist Gayle Stott Lowry and 16 poems written about or during Harry's bouts of insomnia. It's a sometimes brooding and thought-provoking look at "things that go bump or flash with inspiration in the night."

One of Harry's favorite chapbooks ... order now!

Near daybreak with a nod to Frost

Near daybreak, with a nod to Frost from Propaganda Press

Copies available at their website, but if you e-mail me I can arrange to send you a signed copy for the same price. Only $6.00 and if you order from me, I’ll pick up the postage as well.

Retreating Aggressively into the Dark

Retreating Aggressively into the Dark, on sale from Big Table Publications. Copies available at their website, or e-mail me to receive a signed copy for the same price of $12.00. And if you order from me, I’ll pick up the postage as well.

The Black Dog and the Road

In this wonderful collection of poetry by Harry Calhoun, we find the words to express the deep emotions we all feel ... Dimenuendo Press.

Something Real

Chapbook from Flutter Press. Read about nature, death, relationships and the simple joys and agonies of being alive.

E-mail me to buy a signed copy of I knew Bukowski like you knew a rare leaf.

I knew Bukowski like you knew a rare leaf

Harry, your latest poems are glass-clear in their expression, unexpectedly harrowing in their growth. Your father, your mother, especially your mother ... the issue of anger, of expressing it appropriately and inappropriately ... the brandy that whizzes you beyond the butterflies (catch me if you can!) ... these are thoughts and feelings written in the clearest, cleanest and yet most personal language. So this is your masterwork to date. Mark Howell

Harry Calhoun

Poetry Sessions: a video by Stacey Cochran

Some of my work from I knew Bukowski like you knew a rare leaf has been captured on video by Stacey Cochran, host of the TV show The Writer's Craft. In a unique approach, Stacey has local actors reading my poems, with a musical background. Hope you enjoy it.

E-mail me to buy a signed copy of I knew Bukowski like you knew a rare leaf.

“I want to show you something,” Trina said. “Your birthday present, if you want it.” And there on my wife's computer screen, on the North Carolina Lab Rescue site, was this big, happy-looking and jet-black Labrador retriever named Alex....

You’ll find the proof of Alex’s influence in this collection. The poetry that is part meditation and part therapy for me is here. I am thankful every day that it is once again a part of my life. And a huge thanks goes out to Alex, companion, friend and muse. I couldn’t have done it without ya, big fella. Harry Calhoun