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Santaís Sleigh Pauses Over Newtown, Christmas 2012

by Harry Calhoun

This night is different, when the beloved myth-man carries his toys over Connecticut. I have known for years that Santa is real. My mother told me that he is love, the good, the soul of all of us. But tonight his reindeer

in their animal sense and he both feel it: something is wrong. Souls wrenched from tiny bodies. Presents that canít be delivered. Anguish that brings tears to his loving old eyes. Santa carries the sadness of all of them with him, circles

the town and reaches deep in his Christmas sack for the rarest gifts of all: Love, forgiveness, understanding, to give to Sandy Hook, to Newtown, to the world. Love and a little forgiveness, he has and gives it all. But

when he reaches for understanding, he finds there is none left to give. Someone has fired rage-filled rounds into all comprehension. We all have to be Santa tonight. Love each other, every day is our gift,

pray tomorrow soothes the heartbreak of what happened that day

This poem was written in response to the horrible event of December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. It was published in the Faircloth Review on Christmas Day.