Why Card Counting in Live Online Blackjack Won't Work?

Most players who are opting for online blackjack from the traditional version casinos often try to bring the concept of counting cards such as at https://www.online-casino-new-zealand.org . However, the sophisticated nature of online casinos proves to be a hard nut to crack with card counting. Packed with a card strategy in your hands? Find below if it will work out for you.

What is Card Counting?

Card counting is a technique which a players uses the knowledge of previous cards display to create a pattern of what the next cards might be. The method was common in brick and mortar casinos where players walked away with millions of winnings without having to depend on their luck. Is really worth it in improving your winning chances at the casino?

  1. Different rules apply
  2. Tied to terms and conditions

At a brick and mortar casino, card counting could be your best bet to make a quick getaway. First off. card counting is not illegal. You will not be prosecuted once you are found to be counting cards at the casino. However, you could end up surrendering all your winnings from the casino or receiving a lifetime ban from the premises.

What is the Basis of Card Counting?

Blackjack is amongst the most popular casino games known for its use of strategies. In case you have been a casino player at some point, you will notice the various strategies used. Most of the strategies used in online casinos originate from blackjack. This also includes the card counting technique. Blackjack is a good casino strategy that involves the prediction of the next hand.

The prediction of the next hand at the table is based on the remaining cards in the pool. It is a simple way which a player gains an edge over the house. Even though it is next to impossible to try card counting in online blackjack, live blackjack presents another possible case. You will be dealing with a live dealer. But will the card counting technique work?

What About Deck Penetration?

First, card counting won’t work out for you. The card counting tactic is not all usable with the online blackjack but also other casino games such as live blackjack. Deck penetration is a term that relates closely with the strategy of card counting. It touches on the rate of cards that are dealt during a particular time at the online casino by the player.

For instance, when the dealer has half on their 6 decks side, the player is handed over half the deck penetration rate. The rate of penetration increases the more the cards are being dealt. When the table has fewer cards, it tends to become easy to count or predict the coming pattern. Hence a player gains an edge over the house with the game.

What About Live Online Blackjack Games?

The game changes when it comes to the live blackjack games. However, the cards that are not shuffled after each hand, with the dealers handed instruction for shuffling the cards. The shuffling creates a 50% deck penetration that goes a long way of minimizing the chances of anyone using the card counting technique. Hence, the chances remain the same at the online casino.

  • High risks
  • New hands

The number of cards that remain on the table are way too high before the 50% deck penetration. This makes the prediction for the next card. Therefore, it becomes next to impossible to count cards when trying out the live blackjack games. There are two techniques for card counting includes the Knock-out and the Hi-Low. However, this strategies fall short with online blackjack.

How to Ensure You Win at Online Blackjack?

Card counting is not all illegal. However, online casinos have a strong policy against practicing the act. In terms of online casinos, they make use of other substitutes that prevent card counting from giving players wins. The measures help the players avoid getting detected or banned from the online casino. Most online blackjack platforms offer continuous shuffling machines as a substitute for card counting.

The machines shuffle the cards constantly. Dealing with a new hand each time means the cards pattern is ruined. However, this does not spell doom on your winning chances at the online casino. You can choose to adopt another strategy that will go a long way in helping you beat the house. Furthermore, the strategy ensures you get a hint all the weak points within your gaming session.