Online bingo- Useful tips and tricks

You can play online bingo at https://www.online-casino-za.com . However, if you don't know how to play this beautiful game, please read this guide on online bingo. Bingo is a card based game that can be played among two or more players.

How to play Online Bingo?

To play bingo online, you need a trustworthy gambling website, a device such as a computer, tablet or desktop, and a stable and fast internet connection. You would also need one or more bingo cards that can be obtained online.

Goal in online bingo

Every online bingo card has several random numbers, all of them arranged in a 5x5 grid. On top of this grid, you can see the word, BINGO, There s a column of numbers arranged under each letter of this word.

Beginning the game

When the caller calls out B-9, look out for numbers that make up 9 under the B column. These numbers could be 9 or 63 or 54 or 90. When you find that number or numbers, place your chip there.

Next Steps in Online Bingo

If the caller calls out I-6, find out all the numbers that make up 6 under the I column. Continue this process until all the players line up all the right combinations on the online bingo card.

The player who lines up the row containing all the right combinations wins the game. Bingo can be played for free or money. If you are playing for money, you will have to deposit some money initially.


Why play online bingo?

There are two reasons actually. Since online bingo involves a lot of online players, you can make up a lot of online friends too. Secondly, paying this game on the net enables you to learn different strategies.

Winning online bingo

You can play with as many bingo cards as you may like.The trick is to manage all your numbers. This you can do by noting all your numbers on a note sheet next to your computer.

More about winning

If there are 20 players in an online game, and each player has just one card, your chances of winning are just 5%. If you have 4 cards and all the others have just one, your chances become 17%

Prizes in online bingo

You can get a straight prize of $50 if you get a winning row. If someone else also gets that row, y0u will have to share your prize with the other winner. Try playing in Progressive Blackouts

Progressive Blackouts in online bingo

Here the prize money increases by a certain percentage when a new player joins in. For example, the prize money can be $100 at a certain stage. When a new player joins in, it increases by 0.5%.

Smarter tips for winning

To win more, play in more games and don't just play on more cards. Every online bingo game has its unique odds and winning payouts. Find a game where the minimum deposit is small but the payout is higher.

Final thoughts on online bingo

While its is great to have online friends, don't trust them with your money. Play bingo for fun and don't make it an obsession. If you are low on budget, stick to your bankroll and conserve your money.